About Chris

Chris will go to Columbus and set aside partisanship, roll up his sleeves, and go to work everyday to improve the lives of people in Sandusky and Seneca County. 

The oldest of four, Chris grew up in a blue collar family. Like so many other members of the community his family is closely tied to employment at Clyde Whirlpool. His dad, uncle, and grandpa have all worked there for decades, and Chris paid for college by winning the Whirlpool scholarship. 

Growing up Chris participated in 4-H and showed at both the Sandusky and Seneca County fairs, a family tradition that goes back three generations. For Chris’ family this annual tradition is like a family reunion from all over the county. 

Chris also has a strong faith that was instilled in him while he attended Catholic Schools. Chris graduated from Fremont SJCC and became the first in his family to graduate from college at Ohio Dominican University where he was on the Cross Country and Track and Field teams. 

One of Chris’s formative service experiences in college was serving as an intern for U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown in both Columbus and Washington, D.C. where he learned the value of having both strong constituent services and legislative ability. 

After graduating, Chris jumped at the chance to work part-time at Albrechta & Coble, a Fremont law firm, while he was earning his law degree part-time at the University of Toledo.

Since joining the firm, Chris has been a valuable team member on a number of important cases. He helped to weed out sexual harassment issues in the Sandusky County Prosecutor’s office that resulted in the prosecutor resigning. He also worked on a case involving voting rights that eventually went to the Ohio Supreme Court. Residents were being denied an opportunity to vote on a referendum directly affecting their daily lives. The court ruled unanimously to open up the voting process to residents, a win for citizens battling big developers in Fremont and across Ohio. 

In 2017, Chris was elected to Fremont City Council, becoming one of the youngest council members in the City’s history. Chris went to work to save residents money by investing in new and efficient cost-saving upgrades to city buildings.

He and wife, Erin, met while attending college at Ohio Dominican, and have been together ever since. Erin is a nurse 

He has never lost his passion for athletics and continues to develop young runners as an assistant Jr. High Track and Field coach at SJCC. Chris also is a U.S. Soccer and OHSAA soccer official, working as part of an officiating crew for the regional finals in the past several years.

Chris is a member of the Fremont Exchange Club, and a board member on the Misty Meadows Campground. He belongs to Fremont St. Joseph Parish and is a member of the Sandusky County Agricultural society. 

Chris is asking for your vote for the 88th House District in November so he can go to work for you.